Sustainability Solutions

Procurement is being asked to play a much greater role in stewarding environmental and social sustainability objectives across many companies. Beyond regulatory compliance, these efforts can deliver significant improvements for your organization.

At Procurian®, our focus is our clients’ bottom lines, not only from a financial perspective, but also from the standpoint of corporate social and environmental goals. We are committed to helping our clients meet their sustainability goals by implementing new and innovative ways to achieve cost savings targets while making sustainably sound purchasing decisions.

Procurian offers specialized services that align with our focus on optimizing spend.

Active Energy Management

Procurian helps CFOs, operations executives and procurement teams proactively manage energy costs and optimize savings opportunities through our specialized energy management solutions.

Workforce Grants

With state governments being urged to create as many jobs as possible, many are now incentivizing employers to provide transferable skill training in exchange for cash incentives.

Supplier Diversity

Social responsibility is an important component of an organization’s sustainability strategy. Procurian supports our client’s objectives by selecting suppliers in accordance with their social sustainability goals.

Results Delivered

Renewable energy solution reduces costs and generates revenue through sales of excess capacity

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Shift to intermodal transportation saves millions in fuel and surcharges

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Tracking of employee carbon footprint reduces travel demand and increases sustainability awareness

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Substitution with higher quality product saves millions of pounds of plastic

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Reselling their scrap metal waste eliminated the costs associated with waste removal, reduces landfill waste and actually created a new source of revenue

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