Workforce Grants

Tap into new sources of funds through workforce grants

With state governments being urged to create as many jobs as possible, many offer cash incentives to employers who provide transferable skill training. Many companies already provide these types of training opportunities for their employees, but few know about this cash generating opportunity. Procurian® can help you tap these new sources of funds and ensure that you receive proper payment for your efforts.

Almost every state in the U.S. has one or more programs that help companies reduce costs when they provide their employees with skills upgrade training. States provide customized training grant programs to support job creation, retention, and/or to upgrade transferable employee skills to increase competitiveness and attract additional employers.

Save 25-50% on training costs by obtaining reimbursements for transferable skill training

Procurian assists our clients every step of the way, from uncovering the best programs through application development, submittal, and approval as well as ongoing administration and payment from the state. A typical application takes from two to five months for development, submittal and approval. Once approved, companies can obtain reimbursements for training expenses equating to 25-50% of the cost of training.

In addition to customized training grants, Procurian also assists clients with expansion and retention incentives

  • Expansion Incentives:

    Investments in new equipment, an expanded facility or a new facility, allow us to negotiate high levels of cost savings incentives from state, county/province and local governments. Procurian not only handles the negotiations and the application paperwork, but we also manage all compliance work, maximizing the dollars that are actually received.

  • Retention Incentives:

    These cost savings incentives are available to companies that consider exiting a high cost location. Procurian has the experience to examine your client’s operating costs and determine the best way to reduce the cost burdens related to state, county and local governments.