Supplier Diversity

Social responsibility is an important component of an organization’s sustainability strategy. Procurian® supports our client’s objectives by selecting suppliers in accordance with their social sustainability goals.

Optimzing your supplier mix without sacrificing quality or increasing costs

Organizations today are challenged by the community to engage and support a more diverse supplier base. Procurian provides in-depth category expertise that delivers the desired supplier mix without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. Our approach is fully integrated into our comprehensive procurement solution. We enhance and accelerate client supplier diversity program goals through strategic sourcing and category planning activities tailored to our clients’ diversity criteria by applying a combination of deep category expertise, powerful supplier information, and proven supplier diversity identification tools.

Procurian applies a unique diversity category opportunity matrix to sourcing and category management initiatives. By analyzing spend across multiple dimensions we target diverse sourcing opportunities to maximize impact. Procurian’s existing relationships with national associations and industry verticals support a proactive market search for high-caliber diverse suppliers that deliver extraordinary value. We leverage robust supplier identification processes, financial enrichment data, and prequalification assessment tools to foster competitive market dynamics, supporting both client corporate savings and diversity goals.

Using market intelligence and real-time experience to maximize inclusion of capable, diverse suppliers

Procurian utilizes uses online B2B networking tools, chambers of commerce, and proprietary networks to identify and categorize diverse suppliers. We leverage databases and real-time experience to identify thousands of diverse suppliers, including MBE, WBE, LGBT, SDB, 8(a), HUBMBE, WBE,Zone, veteran, service-disabled, and small-business suppliers. We leverage this market intelligence to guarantee diverse supplier inclusion in client strategic sourcing initiatives, providing socially responsible opportunities to a wide range of diversity classifications in identity and cultural categories.

Our process closely examines a supplier’s scale and size to successfully perform the scope of work and meet or exceed contractual commitments. We execute rigorous RFI and RFP processes to ensure supplier scalability and capability of selected diverse suppliers. On an on-going basis, our market analysis and tracking help our clients achieve Tier I & II diversity reporting requirements and improve their diversity reporting and accuracy.