Travel experts and specialized analytics drive compliance and savings

Our full set of capabilities helps you manage a complex area of spend that personally impacts employees.

Proliferating fees and compliance challenges

Travel managers face challenging times with air carrier mergers and joint ventures having shrunk the supply base, and airlines adding new fees and surcharges. Hotel occupancy rates have continued to increase. To compound the market complexity, travel services can be purchased by hundreds or thousands of employees, each with his own preferences. Without deep expertise in the travel industry and close travel policy monitoring, organizational spending behavior can drive up incremental costs and steal budget dollars from revenue-generating business activities. Helping your business meet its strategic goals while stretching travel budgets requires experienced travel procurement professionals – that’s where Procurian® can help.

Procurian’s Travel Services Solution

We help you reduce costs and maximize compliance by:

  • Analyzing current and historical travel patterns to develop travel strategies that incorporate your corporate culture and cost management objectives
  • Bringing insights into rates and capacity, innovative booking agency compensation models and “what if” analysis tools to create an informational advantage
  • Rapidly deploying internal and external solutions to improve visibility and control, such as travel intranet sites, online booking tools and traveler training
  • Monitoring travel activity and actively managing policies and compliance to maximize realized savings
  • Helping you manage agency and travel partner relationships to identify cost improvements and optimize spending

Procurian's Experience and Capabilities for Travel Services

Procurian provides you a comprehensive set of travel procurement experience and capabilities to optimize spending and drive compliance.

  • 27+ seasoned veterans exclusively focused on travel services with experience as: global corporate travel managers; travel program strategists, developers and consultants; and travel experts with experience in airlines, meetings management and hotel companies – Starcite, Sony, Rosenbluth, AMEX Travel, eClipse Advisors
  • Extensive analytical tools, including: a market analysis tool that compares rate discounts against benchmarks and client and industry databases; ‘what if’ analysis, including account volumes, culture, industry and regions; and policy analysis that compares policies against industry and cross-industry best practices
  • Best practice processes and communication programs to drive corporate travel policy improvements and change employee behavior
  • Minute-by-minute insights into the travel category gained by supporting more than $1.00 billion in travel spend and more than 506 annual projects

We have experience helping manage these travel subcategories and driving on-going compliance programs:

  • Subcategories
    Hotel & Lodging
    Meal Programs
    Meetings Management Programs
    Rental Cars
    Travel Technology
  • Policy and Compliance Programs
    Policy Development and Reporting
    Compliance Monitoring and Management

Results Delivered

Procurian collaborates with travel managers to develop strategies that help them meet business goals while driving savings and stretching budgets. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Benchmarking insights and tough negotiations increase value from existing supplier in travel management

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  • Global preferred hotel program yields better rates, better amenities for guests

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  • Better technology, reporting and sustainability – and significant savings in ground transportation

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  • Two-card solution meets global and local needs, saves $7.5 million

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