Deep knowledge of cost structures combined with real-time market intelligence to drive optimal supplier value

Procurian® provides you with specialized packaging expertise and procurement capabilities needed to optimize spending and maximize savings while managing supply chain risk.

Skyrocketing costs, supply shortages and sustainable packages

Optimizing costs requires an integrated sub-strategy for each major packaging cost component – raw material, conversion costs, overhead and profit – combined with a deep knowledge of the industry, supply market capabilities, technologies and global sourcing opportunities.

Gaining control of spiraling supply market complexity and rising costs requires deep knowledge of industry cost structures, underlying price drivers and supplier capabilities -- that’s where Procurian can help.

Procurian’s Packaging Solution

Procurian’s proven strategic sourcing process, market insights and deep subject matter expertise can help you minimize costs and maximize efficiencies throughout the packaging services supply chain by:

  • Applying dedicated specialists who have decades of experience working with top suppliers and F1000 consumer product organizations
  • Providing real-time market intelligence to analyze and attack each cost element throughout the supply chain - plastic, paper, ink, transportation, inventory costs and more
  • Utilizing industry knowledge, best practices and customized strategies to negotiate, implement and manage best-in-class agreements with rigid, fiber and flexible packaging providers
  • Helping you to find the right contract manufacturing locations to fill products or provide a full service turn-key solution
  • Using package engineering capabilities to help you develop, test, specify and launch new products through a timely and cost optimized process, or work with you on current items to suggest “greener” opportunities
  • Helping you monitor and manage your supply base to identify cost improvements, optimize spending and realize savings – while making sure you are aligned with suppliers who will provide the quality and service your business demands

Procurian's Experience and Capabilities for Packaging

  • 30+ seasoned experts exclusively focused on direct materials from leading global organizations such as Unilever, P&G, J&J, GE, Hewlett Packard, Du Pont, Siemens Systems, Alcan, US Can Company, Shiseido and Novelis
  • Highly specialized tools track and analyze underlying trends for each component of packaging costs structures across all types of packaging – rigid, fiber and flexible among others
  • Deep expertise in developing and implementing innovative packaging solutions and cost structures
  • Visibility into the category with over $1.15 billion in packaging and direct materials spending and over 319 annual projects

We have experience helping manage these packaging subcategories and more:

  • Corrugate/Paper
    Folding Cartons
    Injection Components
    Blow molded bottles
  • Foils
    Aerosol Componentry
    Drums and IBC’s

Results Delivered

Procurian helps our clients’ packaging teams drive savings and improve service by combining our deep industry and cost structure knowledge with their specific business objectives. Here are a few examples of the results our clients have realized:

  • Leveraging pricing insights with incumbent corrugate providers to secure guarantees and cost savings

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  • Consolidation of facilities and packaging suppliers reduced supply chain risk, improved service and provided best in class tools

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