Helping CFOs, operations executives and procurement teams proactively manage energy costs, optimize savings opportunities and implement sustainable business practices requires experienced energy procurement and management professionals – that's where Procurian® can help.

Procurian Energy brings you specialized energy management capabilities to help you proactively reduce energy usage and costs. We offer an independent end-to-end energy management solution that helps clients:

  • Reduce energy demand through more efficient operating practices and equipment (which often qualify for hard-dollar incentives)
  • Reduce overall energy supply costs and pricing risk through intelligence-driven procurement and tariff analysis
  • Preserve and improve savings by going beyond short-term energy audits and providing ongoing expert monitoring, analysis and management

Procurian's Active Energy Management Solution


Procurian helps clients reduce energy usage by proactively identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and investments.

  • Demand Monitoring, Management & Reporting - Monitor and analyze energy consumption metrics that uncover opportunities to reduce costs across the company and sustain those cost reductions with ongoing monitoring and management. Learn more
  • Energy Efficiency Incentives and Credits– Capture cash incentives for capital projects that deliver energy reductions via energy efficiency incentives and provide evidence of sustainability progress through energy efficiency certificates. Learn more

Procurian’s recent acquisition of Utility Analyses Inc. (UAI) brings supply-side services that help clients cut utility costs and achieve ongoing savings in both regulated and deregulated markets.

  • Energy Procurement & Risk Management – Maximize your savings and create risk management strategies to protect against volatile energy markets. With $3B spend under management, Procurian Energy motivates suppliers to aggressively bid on each client’s independent load and develop pricing and contract terms customized to your needs.
  • Utility Tariff Analysis & Rate Optimization – Trigger alerts on utility rate and tariff regulatory changes that yield savings through our national, strategic tariff and pricing intelligence for regulated markets.
  • Energy Information & Utility Bill Processing – Track energy and utility bill data and payment information through our web-based energy data processing system – Utility Tracking System® (UTS).
  • Utility Bill Audit & Refund Recovery – Uncover savings by identifying utility billing variances and exceptions to find overbilling that warrants refunds.

Learn more about Procurian’s Energy Supply Management services

Results Realized

We work with internal procurement teams and facilities managers to control energy costs while improving sustainability, service and supplier value. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Comprehensive bill analysis uncovers $500K refund and $150K in annual savings

    Learn more

  • Innovative rate application yields $500K in annual savings

    Learn more

  • Strategic location of data centers reduces greenhouse gases and energy costs

    Learn more

  • Tapping into energy incentives maximized ROI energy reduction initiatives and reduced environmental footprint

    Learn more