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Drive sustainable changes to your cost structure on an accelerated basis with a source-to-pay solution that can help you achieve savings of more than a margin point.

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Procurian’s comprehensive procurement solution is built for companies that are committed to transforming the entire source-to-pay process to achieve world class results, in both spend management and operational efficiency, without investing substantial time and capital in areas outside their core competencies.

Comprehensive source-to-pay solutions enable companies to achieve significant realized savings through more effective management of indirect spending, while integrating and optimizing procurement and accounts payable to achieve significant process efficiencies. Achieving the full potential of source-to-pay requires highly specialized category expertise and market intelligence along with deep process transformation and management expertise.

In late 2013, Procurian was acquired by Accenture, and as a result we now offer the most comprehensive source-to-pay solution available. By combining Procurian’s and Accenture’s deep category expertise and procurement transformation capabilities with Accenture’s strong capabilities in the Finance and Accounting area – we have optimized and integrated every aspect of the source-to-pay value chain to optimize results and ensure they are fully realized.

Scope of Solution

Our source-to-pay solution allows clients to benefit from unsurpassed innovation and service across the entire source-to-pay process. Our combined capabilities provide an industrialized global source-to-pay solution that can be delivered onshore, near-shore, and/or offshore.

  • Category Strategy & Planning:

    Our experts collaborate with clients’ functional leaders to understand specific business strategies and plans while sharing relevant supply market insights and spending trends. With this foundation our experts leverage category blueprints and market intelligence to develop strategies and annual plans that achieve results and meet functional business needs.

  • Sourcing:

    Not all spend is created equal and a one-size-fits-all sourcing process won't deliver sustainable value. In addition to applying specialized expertise and information, we bring a range of strategies and solutions that are finely tuned to address different types of spend and business goals, from optimizing the value of an existing business partnership to rapidly finding a new provider to support a key, one-time project.

  • Implementation:

    Once sourcing is complete, our Category Managers work closely with clients and suppliers to execute detailed, category-specific implementation plans that involve tailored communication, training programs, and relevant system integration and process automation activities.

  • Contracting & Contract Management:

    To reduce contracting bottlenecks and accelerate benefits, our category contracting specialists work with clients’ legal teams to develop category-specific contract templates that include best-in-class terms for each contract type, while adhering to clients’ requirements and risk tolerances. This enables our team to advance contracts toward clients’ standards prior to turning them over to clients’ legal departments. Additionally, we actively manage existing client contracts and build renewals into category plans.

  • Procurement Operations:

    We leveraging deep knowledge of purchasing best practices and expertise in Procurement and F&A to help companies standardize and harmonize processes across their organization and drive operational efficiencies. A team of dedicated purchasing specialists becomes immersed in each client’s specific policies, procedures, and preferred suppliers to support end users with day-to-day purchasing needs while proactively driving compliance and delivering additional savings through tactical sourcing activities.

  • Accounts Payable:

    We tightly link Purchasing Operations and Accounts Payable by applying Six-Sigma and Lean techniques to drive AP efficiencies and additional value, such as downstream analytics and benchmarking on payables performance that provide negotiating leverage and working capital improvements.

  • Supplier Relationship Management:

    We work with clients and their suppliers to maximize the value of those relationships. This begins by prioritizing suppliers and agreeing upon the appropriate goals for each tier, then applying the appropriate supplier performance measurement, management, and development tactics to optimize value.

  • Continuous Cost Innovation:

    To maximize savings realization and drive continuous cost innovation, we start with spending, savings, and compliance data along with real-time intelligence on supply market changes and trends. Then, depending on the category, we apply a range of strategies – from demand management, to Lean Sigma techniques, to low-cost country sourcing – to continuously find new ways to drive more savings, improve supplier performance, and create additional business value.

Procurian’s comprehensive procurement solution is delivered through our global Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™. This unique infrastructure – already built and producing results for clients – combines dedicated teams of specialists, real-time market intelligence, and proprietary technology delivered through an end-to-end spend management process. Through the acquisition of Procurian, by Accenture, we can extend this infrastructure to provide the most comprehensive source-to-pay solution available, including accounts payable services, such as document imaging, invoice, travel and expense, and payment processing. Learn more about how we deliver.

Results Delivered

Working closely with Procurement and Finance executives to transform their source-to-pay capabilities, we help them to realize significant cost reductions and working capital improvements while delivering best-in-class service to their business stakeholders.

  • Expand the amount of spend under management by 20% to 80%
  • Improve compliance 40% to 80+%
  • Achieve 10% to 15% realized savings
  • Drive continuous cost improvements of 3% to 5% per year post sourcing
  • Increasing eProcurement system adoption by 50% to 200%
  • Increase transaction automation by 20% to 50%
  • Reduce invoice exception rates by 50% to 75%
  • Reduce transaction cycle times from weeks to hours
  • Deliver 100% verifiable savings that builds credibility with Finance

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