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Save a margin point – or more – with a new approach to procurement and a different take on outsourcing.


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Acquire advanced capabilities to control more spend and increase savings

Unlike other forms of outsourcing that reduce internal labor costs through off-shoring, the right approach to procurement outsourcing can help companies reduce outside expenditures on indirect goods and services that can consume up to 30% of revenue. What’s more, it can do this not by reducing resources but by leveraging an extensive and specialized infrastructure that complements internal capabilities.

By partnering with Procurian®, you gain access to the specialized resources, market intelligence and technologies needed to control more of your spend, deliver greater value to stakeholders, achieve higher levels of compliance and, ultimately, drive savings of more than a margin point. In fact, our approach is so different from traditional outsourcing solutions, that we call it a Comprehensive Procurement Solution.

Comprehensive solutions through a specialized infrastructure

We deliver our Comprehensive Procurement Solutions through a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™ that tightly integrates dedicated teams of specialists, real-time market intelligence in hundreds of categories, and proprietary technology into a comprehensive spend management process. Using this process we help you transform procurement and deliver and sustain realized savings while supporting your other strategic objectives, such as risk management, sustainability and growth.

Flexible solutions mitigate risks and maximize business impact

Whether you are looking for comprehensive procurement outsourcing or a more targeted solution to address specific categories and spend management needs, our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure can be tailored to support your business objectives.

Comprehensive Procurement Outsourcing

For companies striving to transform how they manage indirect spend and to maximize and accelerate impact, Procurian’s Comprehensive Procurement Outsourcing solution delivers end-to-end support – from sourcing to purchasing to ongoing cost innovation – for all of your global spend. Learn about our Comprehensive Procurement Solution.

Targeted Procurement Outsourcing

For company leaders seeking to focus assistance on a specific group of spend categories or business imperatives (e.g. sustainability, etc.), Procurian offers a variety of Targeted Solutions such as Category Specific Solutions, Project Sourcing, and Sustainability Solutions. Learn about our Targeted Solutions.

Each procurement outsourcing solution, whether comprehensive or targeted, will be tailored to support your unique buying categories and spend management needs.