Supply Chain

A proven source of value for the new supply chain

Procurian® enables you to rapidly transform your indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend into a source of sustainable savings and value

Continuous pressure to improve customer service and minimize risk while reducing costs

Businesses are demanding more from Supply Chain leaders than ever before. Network complexity is increasing as companies enter new markets, drive innovation through partnerships, and continuously introduce or eliminate products. Meanwhile, there is continuing pressure to improve customer service, minimize supply chain risk globally, and deliver sustainable cost savings in the context of rising commodity prices.

For Supply Chain leaders who want innovative, scalable solutions to reduce costs and enable innovation, Procurian offers ways to optimize supplier relationships and unlock hidden savings – equal to a margin point or more – from indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend.

Procurian for Supply Chain

While opportunities to optimize spending are significant, capturing and sustaining savings and other sources of value requires an extensive infrastructure. This is why Supply-Chain leaders partner with Procurian – to gain immediate access to a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™ that is proven and working for dozens of companies. Our infrastructure can meet your needs in specific indirect or other under-resourced areas of spend, and integrates with your to achieve new levels of savings and supplier innovations.

We’ve spent over a decade building and advancing a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure that gives you immediate access to:

  • Over 600 dedicated supply-market specialists who further concentrate in areas such as sourcing, contracting, purchasing, supplier management and continuous cost innovation. These specialists work with clients and collaborate with each other to help you optimize spending and achieve a new level of impact.
  • Real-time intelligence on supply markets, prices and costs, supplier capabilities, best in-class contract terms, and spending and savings benchmarks. This intelligence comes from conducting thousands of sourcing events and engaging in tens of thousands of supplier interactions each year.
  • Comprehensive, integrated spend management processes tailored for each category and designed to help you optimize spend, realize savings and drive ongoing improvements.
  • Specialized technology that has been designed to integrate and power specialists and activities across the globe and give you a clear view of program and project progress, spend savings and compliance results, and additional areas of opportunity.

This infrastructure gives you immediate access to the expertise, information and tools to rapidly scale to support global business growth, drive more supplier innovation and drive savings – of a margin point or more – across all indirect spend areas. For example, as a starting point we can help you optimize spending across all modes of transportation from ocean to LTL – or any other area of indirect spend.

Procurian's Approach

Our Transformation & Program Management Leaders work with you to develop a “New Procurement Roadmap” that supports your business needs and opportunities, and mobilizes Procurian resources accordingly. Once category-specific plans have been developed, our category specialists work with your business and functional stakeholders to drive and continuously optimize savings and compliance opportunities.

Procurian’s category practices become an extension of your business stakeholders’ teams, helping them to enhance the business impact of your indirect spend by:

  • Applying dedicated specialists who combine a deep understanding of each category and its specific supply market, geographic capabilities and considerations, price drivers and service levels
  • Assessing current and historical spend patterns, pricing and market trends to rapidly create and deploy sub-category strategies
  • Combining detailed, highly specialized cost models with our multi-client experience to identify suppliers and negotiate favorable pricing and terms
  • Implementing effective supplier agreements to ensure that buyers know how to buy and that suppliers can meet your requirements
  • Applying best-in-class contract terms and conditions to execute favorable agreements that balance price, risk and service levels
  • Deploying purchasing specialists to redirect requisitions to preferred suppliers, proactively audit price increases and track non-compliance
  • Continually driving cost innovations by monitoring market movements and best-in-class service levels, managing demand and optimizing supplier capabilities

Our Comprehensive Procurement Solution delivers end-to-end support, from sourcing to purchasing to ongoing cost innovation across the globe. Or you can choose a more targeted solution to address specific category and spend management opportunities, such as Logistics.

Results Delivered

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