Helping you ensure high-quality legal outcomes while efficiently managing a complex landscape of specialized partner firms

Businesses are expanding globally and experiencing ever-changing market dynamics. These factors require law departments to quickly scale and acquire skills in new markets, secure specialized partnerships and manage country-specific laws, regulations, intellectual property and privacy requirements. Amidst these challenges, law departments’ priorities remain clear – to ensure the best legal outcomes.

Procurian® can help you pursue this goal by securing the right specialized firms across the globe, while optimizing resources and rates and letting you stay focused on protecting your organization.

Procurian for Legal Professionals

Procurian understands that disbursements, claims and settlements often account for 50% of expenses and the true value of a firm is its ability to help you drive a positive outcome. Working closely with you and your team, our Legal Services specialists help you align your needs with firm capabilities while optimizing operating costs and reducing churn.

Procurian’s specialists help you identify and manage quality partner firms by:

  • Applying dedicated legal services specialists with more than 20 years of experience from legal-intensive industries such as pharmaceutical, high technology and financial services
  • Using our knowledge of the market and firm specialization to provide insight into your relative position within firms and ensure the best fit to your organizations needs
  • Assessing your current and historical spend patterns, costs and regional market trends against our benchmarks by matter specialization, resource level, country and rate
  • Helping you effectively utilize matter management and e-billing systems and integrate your partner firms to achieve transparent and simplified billing and approval processes
  • Continuously monitoring your partner firms to identify process and cost improvements through analysis of billing data and performance metrics
  • Conducting relentless contract management, from developing best-in-class contract terms and conditions to automated contract management tools

Procurian's experience and capabilities for legal services

  • 47+ dedicated and seasoned veterans from large global organizations like Coca-Cola, Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Boeing, Microsoft and AIG
  • Deep expertise in developing and implementing innovative pricing models and fee structures
  • Extensive market intelligence gained from working across 30+ clients provides insights into resource utilization models, rates, and best practices
  • Proprietary contract management tool provides detailed visibility into contracts and easy searching and reporting
  • Visibility into the category with over $3.03 billion in legal and professional services related spend and more than 483 annual projects

We have experience helping manage these legal services subcategories and more:

  • Litigation
    Corporate Law
    Commercial Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
    Acquisition & Divestitures
    Real Estate
    Product Liability

Results Realized

Procurian has helped many law departments to optimize their firms and strategic legal supplier relationships, allowing them to focus on driving the best legal outcomes. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Mitigated client risk exposure and negotiated improved pricing position for a client’s Asia Pacific IP services team.

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  • Focused negotiation with law firms yields 25% reduction in blended hourly rates in outside counsel

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  • Strong executive relationship and market intelligence drive innovative revenue-sharing pricing model and 10% savings with incumbent in outside counsel

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