Helping you maximize IT’s business impact

Procurian® brings you expertise and insight into provider capabilities, pricing and service benchmarks so you can optimize the value and impact of your IT investments.

Managing innovative technology investment and rising security risks

Companies are counting on CIOs and their organizations to help them stay ahead of the competition and the spiraling requirements of an increasingly engaged customer base. This demand for innovation is driving significant shifts in IT portfolio investments, forcing IT to make business operations more efficient while allocating more budget dollars to support innovation and growth. Meanwhile, IT must manage a complex and fragmented product and supplier landscape across critical IT initiatives: transformation of traditional data centers, digitization of the enterprise, the mobile explosion and expansion of global capabilities and solutions.

To manage this evolving landscape, IT leaders must engage an expanding portfolio of vendors while navigating increasingly complex contract structures with little historical basis for evaluation – and that’s where Procurian can help.

Procurian for IT

Working with your IT team, Procurian’s IT Practice professionals help you develop and manage acquisition plans to take advantage of the best solutions currently available, negotiate value-based relationships and continuously improve the economic performance of your asset base. We do this by:

  • Applying dedicated specialists who combine a deep understanding of the business drivers behind technology decisions, the various supply channels, geographic considerations, and technology and service cost drivers
  • Assessing current and historical spend patterns, pricing and technology market trends to create and deploy subcategory acquisition strategies
  • Combining detailed, specialized cost models with our multi-client experience to identify partners and negotiate favorable pricing and terms
  • Leveraging deep understanding of critical contract provisions and clauses that balance price, risk, and service levels
  • Continually driving cost innovations through IT supplier relationship management and demand management strategies, such as management of idle assets

Procurian's experience and capabilities for IT

Procurian blends experience, unique skill-sets and actionable information to help you enhance the value your IT investments:

  • 61+ long-tenured specialists exclusively focused on IT and Telecom with experience working for leading global IT service providers and internal procurement organizations of many Fortune 100 companies, such as HP, IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Perot Systems, and Xerox-ACS
  • Database of current negotiated market rates, comparable by supplier type, region and product
  • Best-in-class eRFx blueprints that are continuously improved with each market interaction
  • Proprietary “total cost of ownership” modeling tools for specific IT hardware classes and configurations that include all cost components – application, labor, maintenance, power consumption, etc.
  • Currently supporting more than $3.55 billion in IT and Telecom spend and more than 699 annual projects

These are some of the vendor and provider investments we help our clients optimize:

  • IT Services
  • Hardware
    Enterprise Servers
    Print Technology
  • Software
    Application Software
    Software as a Service
    Enterprise Agreements
    Maintenance Renewals

Results Realized

Procurian collaborates with CIOs, IT and business managers to improve the business impact of their IT investments and increase the value of their vendor and provider relationships. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Analyzed usage and benchmarks to negotiated enterprise software agreement across vast user base yielding savings and better contract and licensing terms

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  • Helping a client get more value from its SAP relationship

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  • Far-flung computer base is better served by sole help desk provider, saving $5.8 million

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