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Helping you get measurable savings on an accelerated basis – without the investment risk.

Releasing the missing margin point that’s trapped in your indirect spend

CFOs have to ensure that every dollar spent is being carefully scrutinized and professionally managed to deliver the most value for the organization. For many CFOs, indirect spend has been a source of frustration. It’s significant – consuming up to 30% of revenues – yet difficult to control, and claimed savings never seem to materialize in a measurable way.

With Procurian’s help, you can gain control over this fragmented spend and achieve significant savings – not just negotiated savings, but savings that are realized through active compliance management and measured after goods and services have been purchased – so you can take these savings directly to the bottom line.

Procurian for Finance

Many companies have invested in solutions to improve their ability to manage indirect spend with mixed results. Procurian® has learned that implementing sourcing processes and expensive technology is not the answer. Over the past decade, we have built a Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™ that integrates deep market expertise and intelligence across hundreds of spending categories with integrated processes and technology to ensure savings are actually realized. Because it is already built and driving real savings for companies like yours, you can get measurable savings on an accelerated basis – without the investment risk.

Through our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure we bring a new level of rigor to indirect spend management. By working across our client base, our dedicated teams of category specialists conduct hundreds of sourcing projects in each category each year, giving them access to real-time intelligence on market pricing and rates and best-in-class commercial structures. We use this insight to ensure you get the best value for your dollars and then work meticulously to ensure employees are purchasing from the right supplier and at the right price. Through SavingsLink™, you will get a company-wide and in-depth view of spending, compliance – and non-compliance – and realized savings.

Procurian's experience and capabilities for finance

Working closely with your finance team and business stakeholders to optimize spending, we help you capture up to a margin point or more of savings that is trapped in your indirect spend by:

  • Approaching your spend holistically, maximizing every savings opportunity across 100% of your spend globally
  • Applying specialized expertise and real-time market insights to get the most value and most competitive rates
  • Driving a robust program to make sure savings are implemented and proactively eliminating thousands of points of potential leakage
  • Providing transparency to all spend – detailed finance audited reporting on who’s spending, where, how much, how much off contract and mostly importantly why
  • Providing on-going professional management to address non-compliance, ensure that savings are realized, and work with suppliers to continuously drive cost improvements

In addition to advancing your critical business objectives, Procurian brings deep expertise to help finance organizations optimize their own spending on critical and highly strategic banking and financial services. Learn more about our solutions to help you maximize the value your get from your consulting and financial services firms.

  • Tax and Audit
    Internal Audit
    External Audit
    Statutory Audits
    Abandoned & Unclaimed Property
    Transfer Pricing
    Contract/Royalty Compliance
    Other Tax & Audit Consulting
  • Financial Services
    Credit Card Providers
    Banking Fees
    Treasury Management
    Credit Agencies
    Stock Transfer Agents
    Dynamic Discounting
    Merger & Acquisitions
    Other Financial Services Consulting

Results Realized

Procurian collaborates with business and Finance executives to drive sustainable savings while meeting business objectives. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Collaborated with finance team to design best in class internal audit program and save 34%.

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  • Leveraged deep category insights to identify and unbundle hidden Ex-Pat fees.

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  • Right-sized external audit firm’s hours and rates to better align with the market in both the first and second phases of negotiation initiatives, while preserving the client’s valued auditor relationship

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