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Procurian's comprehensive procurement solution is built for companies that:

  • Are committed to transforming their procurement capabilities in indirect and other under- resourced areas to achieve world class results.
  • Do not want to invest substantial time or infrastructure in areas outside their core competencies and direct commodities.

By using our solution, companies can optimize the value of every dollar they spend, achieve measurable realized savings, and fuel company growth.

Our end-to-end Procurement Approach

Procurian’s Comprehensive Procurement Solutions can address the complete end-to-end procurement process across all categories of spending and all geographic regions.

Most companies have realized significant value by applying rigorous strategic sourcing processes across their direct material purchases. However, indirect purchases – often made by hundreds of employees across the company – require a more comprehensive, integrated set of activities to ensure that savings are realized and sustained. Once sourcing work is complete, supplier agreements must be implemented, policies and procedures must be developed and put in place, purchases must be enabled in the appropriate systems, and purchasing activity and supplier performance must be actively managed. Further, sustaining and delivering year-over-year value requires visibility and continuous cost innovation. In order to ensure that clients realize results, Procurian® not only supports these processes but also tailors them to address each unique sub-category.

  • Category Strategy & Planning:

    Procurian category experts collaborate with clients' functional leaders to understand specific business strategies and plans while sharing relevant supply market insights and spending trends. With this foundation our experts leverage category blueprints and market intelligence to develop strategies and annual plans that achieve results and meet functional business needs.

  • Sourcing:

    Not all spend is created equal and a one-size fits all sourcing process won't deliver sustainable value. In addition to applying specialized expertise and information, we bring a range of strategies and solutions that are highly tuned to address different types of spend and business goals, from optimizing the value of an existing business partnership to rapidly finding a new provider to support a key, one time project.

  • Implementation:

    Once sourcing is complete our Category Managers work closely with clients and suppliers to execute detailed, category-specific implementation plans that involve tailored communication, training programs, and relevant system integration and process automation activities.

  • Contracting & Contract Management:

    In order to reduce contracting bottle-necks and accelerate benefits, our category contracting specialists work with your legal team to develop category-specific contract templates that include best-in-class terms for each contract type while adhering to your requirements and risk tolerances. This enables our team to advance contracts toward your standards prior to turning them over to your legal department. Additionally, we actively manage existing client contracts and build renewals into category plans.

  • Transaction Management:

    We support day-to-day transactions and re-engineer processes to improve efficiency and drive compliance by standardizing, centralizing and automating transactional processes.

  • Supplier Relationship Management:

    We work with you and your suppliers to maximize the value of each relationship. This begins by prioritizing your suppliers and agreeing upon goals for each tier, and then applying the appropriate supplier performance measurement, management and development tactics to optimize value.

  • Continuous Cost Innovation:

    To maximize savings realization and drive continuous cost innovation, we start with spending, savings and compliance data along with real-time intelligence on supply market changes and trends. Then, depending on the category, we apply a range of strategies – from demand management, to Lean and six-sigma techniques, to low cost country sourcing – to continuously find new ways to drive more savings, improve supplier performance and create additional business value.

Transforming procurement, realizing greater business impact

Every day, leading companies are using our comprehensive procurement solution to meet their strategic business objectives by optimizing spending and supplier partnerships and realizing savings.