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Learn more about issues and trends that impact different areas of your indirect and other under-resourced areas of spending through our regularly published Supply Market Insights Series.


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Through our frequent market presence and monitoring, Procurian® category specialists have extensive knowledge of the markets in which they operate. We supplement this ground intelligence with formal research, which our specialists leverage to proactively monitor markets and indicators for key changes, such as new market entrants, new technologies, innovations, geopolitical risks, regulatory changes and M&A activity. The following includes some recent reports we have published, across a small segment of categories, to provide you with an informational advantage.


Logistics Category Perspective: Strategies and Trends in Trucking and Intermodal

This report is part of an ongoing research series called the Procurian & Spend Matters Category Watch—a collaboration between Procurian’s deep category specialists, and analysts from Spend Matters. This report takes broad look at a number of logistics topics from sourcing strategies to big data to energy/fuel management.

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Summer 2013 Logistics Pricing Review and Outlook

This report digs into Logistics, specifically the trucking and intermodal markets, and details a number of insights and trends based on analysis of Procurian data.

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Ocean Freight: The Exporter's Dilemma

With the administration targeting a doubling of US exports in the next 5 years, manufacturers face both regulatory and logistical challenges that Procurement is ideally positioned to help overcome.

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How to Bring Down the Gavel on Legal Fees

Download this paper to read about three major focus areas to help you better manage this critical area of corporate spend.

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Three Top Opportunities in Health Benefits Management

Employers are being forced to re-examine their health benefits philosophies in the face of continually rising health care costs, and a rapidly evolving regulatory backdrop. Learn about three major opportunities to consider to manage health care benefits costs.

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Affordable Care Act Affirmed

The current wave of mandates related to healthcare reform legislation represents a wide range of challenges for HR and Benefits organizations, as well as opportunities for organizations that take a proactive approach.

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External Audit Opportunity

Procurement needs to demonstrate sensitivity to the unique characteristics of external audit spend. By demonstrating an understanding of the business’ needs and knowledge of external audit regulatory bodies and specific regulations that impact the firm, Procurement can bring a new level of transparency, visibility and accountability to the evaluation of external audit. The result: tangible savings as high as 30 percent. Download this paper to learn from our experts how to capture this opportunity.

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Six Ways You're Wasting Money In Corporate Travel

Your firm is wasting money on corporate travel spend whether you know it or not. Travel may not be the largest budget line-item, but at 1 percent of revenues for the average company, it’s a significant area of spend. However, travel is an extremely difficult area to manage well because it’s highly fragmented, requires expertise in many areas, and is complicated by the personal preferences of travelers. Learn about six ways your travel dollars are being wasted, and some of the steps you can take to stop travel waste and drive savings to your company’s bottom line.

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Airline Alliances: Opportunities for Corporate Travel?

While airlines have merged or formed strong alliances for their own survival, Procurement organizations should recognize both the opportunities that can be taken advantage of or lost by negotiating with alliances.

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Reading Between the Lines - What Agency Consolidation Means for Marketers

Marketers need to take a fresh look at how to get the best results from their agency network relationships in the current age of consolidation. This paper helps marketers read between the lines of what the consolidation trend means, and outlines six key actions that marketing teams should consider to optimize agency network relationships.

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Understanding the Media Measurement Opportunity

Marketers are being asked to be innovative and cutting-edge all while facing top-down pressure on their marketing budgets. This report details why media measurement is so challenging and explains the three areas to explore in order to driving more value from your media investments.

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Digital Agencies: Navigating the Ecosystem

CMOs are faced with an ever-changing digital landscape that traditional and even some digital agencies are unable to sufficiently manage. Learn how Procurement can help marketers avoid playing ‘general contractor.

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How Software Maintenance Fees are Siphoning Away Your IT Budget

Now is the time to take a fresh look at what you are spending on software maintenance in order to effectively manage and contain this high cost area and minimize waste. Download this report to learn about three ways you can optimize software maintenance costs for your company.

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The Real Estate Hangover

Real estate is a critical, but frequently mismanaged, corporate asset. Despite the strategic importance of real estate as a place of work, a representation of corporate culture, and a reflection of the brand, the average firm has 30-50 percent more space than it needs (and often the wrong kind of space). This paper discusses three steps to help get real estate back under control.

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Blueprint for Large Capital Project Delivery

This paper outlines a best-in-class Blueprint for Large Capital Project Delivery with three major recommendations to help organizations successfully manage capital projects on-time and on-budget, and uncovering millions of dollars in savings that would otherwise be lost.

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Five Things Utilities Don’t Want you to Know

As companies plan for the future, it is important to take a hard look at energy budgets in both regulated and unregulated states to ensure savings are not being left on the table. Download this paper to learn the five critical things utility companies don’t want you to know and ways to effectively manage this area of spend.

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Turning Energy Data into Operations Intelligence

FMA’s Progressive Manufacturing Summit gathers industry leaders across Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Human Resources and Procurement to discuss strategies for improving operational efficiency, supply chain and manufacturing processes. Procurian’s own Gary Landsberg, presented on turning Energy Data into Operational Intelligence.

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Energy Market Forces: Friend or Foe?

As dynamic energy pricing becomes more prevalent in the industry, multi-site organizations are presented with new challenges, as well as opportunities, to control and optimize their energy costs. Download this report to match your risk profile with strategies that take maximum advantage of energy market forces, and help you control your energy costs.

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Six Tactics to Drive 15%+ Energy Use / Cost Savings

This infographic lays out the numbers, and lists tactics to help lower energy use, save money, and simultaneously have a positive environmental impact.

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What's Wrong with Traditional Energy Management

Although many firms have implemented short-term measures to address energy cost and sustainability commitments, these efforts are largely falling short. Our benchmark data and research indicates that for most firms, 50 percent of their initial energy savings disappear within the first 6-12 months due to lack of continuous monitoring, analysis, and corrective action. However, significant opportunity to deliver value remains. This paper looks at why traditional approaches are failing, and outlines an active energy management approach that changes the game and generates sustainable energy cost reductions.

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