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ProcurianSM recognizes that optimizing indirect and other under-resourced areas of spending can be a complex challenge. Spending is driven across hundreds of supply markets, each with different dynamics, economics and providers. In addition, the spend flows through tens of thousands of end users and suppliers, creating thousands of potential pitfalls in which people may purchase from the wrong supplier, stray from purchasing policies and pay the wrong price - all of which erode savings.

Addressing this challenge requires an extensive infrastructure. This task demands the right combination of highly specialized and experienced supply market procurement experts, highly integrated spend management processes, real-time market intelligence, best-in-class technology, and strong collaboration with suppliers, end-users and business leaders - for each category and subcategory of spend, and all on a global basis. We understood the need for this confluence of capabilities over a decade ago and, when we couldn’t find a solution in the marketplace, we built it.

Procurian’s Specialized Procurement InfrastructureTM combines everything you need to optimize your spending and achieve significant, sustainable savings that your company can use for reinvestment in growth and innovation. Our proprietary infrastructure combines people, process, technology and real-time market intelligence to manage indirect spend from end-to-end, which is the best way to realize and sustain significant savings.

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