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Our built-out Specialized Procurement InfrastructureTM integrates with your business to optimize spending and deliver real, sustainable savings that equal a margin point or more.

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Procurian® is the leading specialist in comprehensive procurement solutions. Transformational business leaders partner with Procurian to drive sustainable changes to their cost structures on an accelerated basis. Our built-out Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™ integrates with your business to optimize spending and deliver real savings that equal a margin point or more.

Our Story

The complex nature of indirect spend - involving hundreds of unique supply markets - and the highly fragmented way in which it is purchased, make managing it an incessant challenge. Understandably, most companies have focused their procurement investments over the years primarily on their core commodities, addressing indirect areas only selectively and through temporary initiatives. These companies lack the complete infrastructure of deep category expertise, market intelligence and technology needed to optimize the full scope of indirect spend on a global basis. Business stakeholders still bypass procurement for significant spend areas, making it difficult to fully realize savings that are sourced. As a result, more than a margin point is left on the table.


As procurement specialists, we saw the need for an infrastructure that is dedicated to optimizing indirect and other under-resourced areas of spend. Combining category-specific market intelligence with integrated processes and technologies, this infrastructure would allow companies to inform spending strategies, deliver real savings and fuel growth on a sustainable basis. When we couldn't find a solution like this in the marketplace, we built it. The result? Our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure™, a new and transformational approach to procurement that is being deployed by innovative leaders to accelerate real, sustainable savings and drive growth.


Procurian, The New Procurement™. Built

Experience and capabilities

We have devoted more than a decade to building our Specialized Procurement Infrastructure, which today enables us to actively manage over 4,000 large cost innovation projects, 11,000 contracts and 2 million transactions each year.


Today we work with leading companies, serving their operations in 47 countries and in 21 languages and managed more than $27.25 billion of spending on their behalf.


Through our infrastructure, you can drive sustainable, realized savings that can be reinvested into innovation and growth or used to improve your bottom line.


Results delivered

Our comprehensive procurement solution is built to deliver measurable results and we have a strong track record of exceeding our commitments. Procurian has helped our clients:


  • Expand the amount of spend under management by 20 - 80%
  • Improve compliance by 40 - 80+%
  • Achieve 15 - 20% realized savings
  • Drive continuous cost improvements of 3 - 5% per year, post sourcing
  • Increase eProcurement system utilization by 50 - 200%
  • Reduce transaction cycle times from weeks to hours
  • Deliver 100% verifiable savings that builds credibility with Finance

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External recognition

Our proven ability to deliver consistent, measurable results for our clients has gained the attention and recognition of highly regarded authorities in the field. Here are just some of the honors Procurian has received:


  • "Star Performer" Everest Research Institute: 2010, 2009
  • Top Procurement Outsourcing Provider, Black Book of Outsourcing: 2010, 2009, 2008
  • IAOP & Forbes Global Outsourcing 100 "Leader": 2010, 2008, 2006
  • "Pros to Know" Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004